Benefit of Bird’s Nest for Your Healthy

Bird’s Nest nutrition fact : various healthy benefit

Boost your immunity system
A study published in the Letters In Health and Biological Sciences reports that swallow nests are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are active compounds that are useful for fighting free radicals, as a cause of various chronic diseases.

Rich in essential amino acids Saliva for making nests is made of special proteins containing various amino acids, such as:

  • Aspartic acid and proline which are useful for cell
  • Cysteine and phenylalanine, to improve the working
    memory, the work of nerve impulses, and the absorption
    of vitamin D from sunlight.
  • Tyrosin, to speed recovery after illness.
  • Glucosamine, to help the process of cartilage recovery.

Some of them are amino acids that cannot be produced by the body and must be obtained from food. That’s why swallow’s nests are the right choice to meet your amino acid needs.

Benefits for Beauty
It Helps Rejuvenate the Skin Having toned skin and always looking young naturally becomes a dream for every woman. Collagen production in the skin is very instrumental to tighten the skin so it will always look younger.
Swallow bird’s nests contain EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) which is capable of producing large amounts of collagen.

This is what can be obtained from the benefits of swallow’s nests for your beauty.

Good Mineral Resources
To maintain our healthy, our body needs enough minerals, such as calcium, manganese, copper, zinc, and chromium. Swallow’s nest is rich in minerals that we need to stay healthy. The calcium content in the bird’s nest serves to maintain the health of joints and bones, also regulates the blood clotting process. Meanwhile, the mineral chromium helps the absorption of nutrients in the intestine.

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